Two different options for art ~ whichever you prefer, I can't decide. :-)
-"Hummingbird Queen"  (mystical pink birds)
 "Envision" (a climate planet healing envisioning - a future community with a rainbow at the end!.
( I have been working on this for six months and hope to finish in the next few days - intended to be a jigsaw puzzle in my dreams...but thinking it would be great for the festival! It's playful yet topical, I think kids would love it too, please see the details, lots to look at.)
Large format digital prints 
Split art into pieces to be life sized. (All vector art, can be resized to any size.)
Affixed to something - plywood, foam core? (Investigating, open to suggestion for material?)
Lit with soft moving colored lights. (I may have a way to procure lights, not sure.)
Ideally surrounded with plants and foliage around the bases and sides of the pieces to immerse the artwork so it blends into the surroundings.
Please scroll down for images and layout ideas.... click to enlarge images.
"Hummingbird Queen" - in 4 pieces
(please see more details below)
"Envision" - in 7-10 pieces
This is just a general idea - this could be arranged in two rows to walk between like a hallway, or in a circle, depending on space available, even one long row on a walkway.  Pieces could be printed in any size. I could design the shapes according to your requests for the space.
(please see more details below)
These ideas are all just ideas and I am open to suggestion on how any of my artwork could be used for the festival.
I am forever grateful for the memories and special times I have had at the Hog Farm over the decades, and with my favorite band the String Cheese Incident. I would be honored to participate in any way.
Thank you!
Jocelyn Suzanne
360-922-7612 (landline) / 360-391-7115 (cell)
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