A climate planet healing envisioning exercise - imagine a future with a rainbow at the end!

All vector art, can be resized to any size. Currently made on cotton fabric attached to plywoood boards. Could be sized larger possibly on a lighter weight surface if budget allowed.
Lit with soft moving colored lights.
Ideally surrounded with plants and foliage around the bases and sides of the pieces to immerse the artwork so it blends into the surroundings.
Please scroll down for images and layout ideas.... click to enlarge images.
"Envision" - in 7-10 pieces
Could be arranged in two rows to walk between like a hallway, or in a circle, depending on space available, even one long row on a walkway.  Pieces could be printed in any size depending on budget. I could design the shapes according to the space.
Jocelyn Suzanne Hoey
360-922-7612 (landline) / 360-391-7115 (cell)

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